We create engaging experiences

Trailers and videos for all platforms

PC, Mobile, VR,  live action

Gameplay Trailers

Trailers filled exclusively with HD gameplay footage captured directly within the game.

We capture and edit footage to appeal to your target audience through market positioning. What makes your game unique? What is it going to do for players that other games won’t?

Announcement Trailers

These are trailers we create to show off the premise and tone of your game through scripted content without simulating gameplay or gameplay elements. 

We create these trailers directly from the game engine project or from scratch using 2D/3D animation software. 


Step up your cutscene game with cinematics created directly inside of Unity/Unreal. If you prefer higher quality cinematics than a game engine can handle, we can make something for that too. 

Other Stuff!

I could list out the 30 different types of things we do, but if you need anything video related for your game, don’t hesitate to reach out – just poke us on Discord or send an email.

service features

gameplay capture

in-Engine game Footage

2D & 3D Animation

Music & Voice over

Where We came from

Video games have been my favorite thing ever since I was a kid. When I became an adult, I went to college for film and video production. One day it just clicked – why haven’t I combined the thing I’m best at with the thing I enjoy the most?

So, in 2014, I started up Winter Fox. Ever since then, I have been living my dream.

Our Quest

Winter Fox was started so we could put fun and interesting games in front of their audiences through exciting and engaging trailers.

As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve found other people who share the same passion and work together as a team to bring your game – the thing you are most passionate about – to the people you made it for.

a few Studios We’ve Teamed With