Ame no kotoba – mobile trailer

Gleti Sky Productions are passionate about creating educational apps for people who want to learn new languages while keeping the content fun and engaging. Their first app was Ame No Kotoba – a calm and serene word tile game designed to teach users how to read Japanese. They needed a trailer that reflected the relaxed tone of the game, but kept the footage interesting. To do that, we made sure that the clips only ever showed movement from falling tiles, the exact moment a word was completed, or power-ups being used – basically showing as little downtime as possible.

What We Did

  • Captured HD footage using an iPhone
  • Created a raining particle effect accompanied with rain sound effects to compliment the blue watery tones of the game’s visual theme.
  • Animated the graphic titles that start off in Japanese, and then transition into English. 
  • Created graphic overlays on the game footage to highlight key features that might be hard to parse without a visual to move your eye along (Music, Books, Video section / the Japanese Basics levels)