Arcane Waters – Announcement Trailer

Arcane Waters is a pixel art, sailing-based MMO currently in development by Final Forge. 8-bit style graphics, character customization, and a turn-based combat system make this game perfect for gamers who appreciate classic RPGs from the NES and SNES era. With that in mind, we made sure the music set that tone while showing off the wide range of diverse environments. Oh, and also – BOATS!


What We Did

  • Took pre-captured footage and edited it to our music track for an exciting pace and epic feel.
  • Made match-cut fades that fade (to the frame) from one scene to another – this really sells how many environments the player would explore and do battle in.
  • Used digital camera movements to further emphasize actions or add excitement at the point of a music swell.
  • Created graphic overlay animations for the text call outs. 
  • Used a turbulence VFX on top of a tinted fractal noise texture to create the animating water for the final slate.