Azure Sky Project

Burgee Games was wrapping up Azure Sky Project when they contacted us for a trailer. They had put so much blood, sweat, and tears into the game and needed a trailer to reflect that. The game is a tech/spy-themed game, so we created a trailer that would illicit that tone and show off the more action-oriented parts of the game.

What We Did

  • Designed the graphic animations to feel like a futuristic computer interface with grids, glowy blue-green elements, and lots of graphs doing graphy things.
  • The game’s default camera is somewhat far out to give the player a sufficient view of the map. However, that doesn’t make for an exciting trailer so we pushed in on the view and did digital zoom ins and outs to keep the viewer’s attention focused on the action.
  • Created custom animations using the game’s artwork for the lower third banner text callouts.  
  • With this being an action game, we had to practice, practice, practice, and get really good at pulling off crazy maneuvers to show off the best, most intense parts of the game.