crater craft – mobile trailer

James at 55Pixels needed a trailer for his game, but wasn’t a fan of the :30 limit set on the AppStore. So, instead we came up with a plan to make the :30 iOS version, and a :54 second version that could be used on Google Play as well as anywhere else he wanted to advertise. This allowed us to set the story and have a little fun with the animations. This is the full version of the trailer. 

What We Did

  • Created the newspaper in Adobe Illustrator and animated it slapping down on a table with story-driven headlines using After Effects.
  • Used 55Pixels artwork to create the “Craftmasters Needed!” postcard, then do a flash transition to the animation of the spaceship flying towards the planet.
  • Added VFX to the ship’s rocket/exhaust and created a particle effect for the stars so they fly by the camera as the camera follows the spaceship.
  • Used the game’s banner graphics to create….well, banners.
  • Created the endslate graphic animations to show the game comes on both phones and tablets (as well as iOS and Android)
  • Captured all footage on an iPhone device.