Digital Badger Design created Flairtender – a bartending game that teaches you how to make drinks with style. We wanted to take the zaniness that is the nature of VR games and really play off of that. We worked with Andrew Hindle for an over the top voice over that pokes fun at the viewers’ drink-making skills while offering a way to make drinks that don’t suck.

What We Did

  • Worked with Rob at Digital Badger Design to create a camera system that would allow us to capture footage from other angles outside of the VR view.
  • Recreated the game logo so we could animate each element individually and add a little Flair to it (seewutididthere)
  • Got gud. Seriously, we had to actually ace all of the game’s drinks (ok, most of them) so that we could show the good and bad versions of making drinks. We were particularly good at the bad version.
  • Wrote the script and directed Andrew, our voice talent, to make sure we got the perfect vibe that we were going for. And of course, he nailed it.