Hoplite Hero – Mobile Trailer

IGNIS Studios had a fun Match-3 style game based on the Hoplite – a foot soldier of Ancient Greece – and they needed a trailer that could be used on the AppStore and Google Play. We decided, as a team, that the :30 limitation of the AppStore made it difficult to establish the theme as such a big part of the game and would require cutting into the gameplay footage too heavily. So we started with a version for the Google Play store and social media sites, and then we could cut that down for the AppStore’s requirements. This version is our full minute-long version of the trailer. After this trailer, we went on to work with IGNIS studios again for TOWAR.io


What We Did

  • Used the original artwork provided to us by IGNIS to recreate the level-map for the intro and transitional sequences of the helmet moving from one level to the next.
  • Added the Sword art as a stand-in finger that overlaid the captured footage. We then animated it to correspond with the actions happening in-game so the viewer could easily follow what was happening without a giant, theme-breaking, finger illustration.
  • We also used digital camera work to push-in and emphasize actions and enhance music swells.
  • To break up the fast-action gameplay clips and give the viewer a chance to sort of ‘reset’ before seeing a bunch more action, we made the full-screen text callouts alongside animations of the game’s original artwork. 
  • To wrap it all up, we made a call-to-action end slate that utilized IGNIS’ environmental art. We wanted this to match the style of the game’s home screen, so we also added the floating particle effects that look exactly like the particles in-game.
  • Shout out to Alex at IGNIS for providing us with this epic score.