LAST Epoch – Beta announcement

We initially met the folk from Eleventh Hour Games at PAX South and immediately recognized that we would be a great partnership for the Last Epoch Beta Launch trailer. After their successful Kickstarter Campaign, they had (and continue to) put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into the upcoming Beta Release. EHG wanted an awesome trailer that captured their game’s theme – a hack and slash ARPG with time travel that lets the players visit and affect the game based on what Era they’re in. Since the game was still in development, there was optimization that needed to be done on levels that we wanted to show off in the trailer. To make sure we got the footage we needed, we captured directly within Unity rather than from a build. With some assistance from Winter Fox’s game programmer, we created a setup that allowed us to use Cinemachine in combination with a gamepad. We told Unity what frame rate we wanted to hit, and then played the game in slow motion so that Unity had time to spit out high resolution, high bitrate PNG sequences of the gameplay that we could then convert into video files for use in editing.

What We Did

  • Setup Cinemachine cameras and scripts to record directly within Unity
  • Designed story-driven cinematic text animations
  • Created the time travel animation to make sure that feature was hitting with audiences
  • Did the camerawork for the final scene of Lagon (Cthulu-like character) that the EHG team took and created the rest of the scene around. 

OST Videos

Rob Benson – the composer for Last Epoch – contacted us to create some visuals for the OST so he could put them to on YouTube and create a themed playlist. His idea was to do a reactive audio spectrum for each song with some screenshots from the game in the background. So we took his OST and created the reactive audio spectrum, then took it one step further by theming each video to fit with the track title and overall theme of the song.