MONSTRUM 2 – announcement trailer

Junkfish needed an announcement trailer, but development wasn’t far enough along to show any gameplay yet. Instead, they provided us with their 3D art assets and we created a cinematic announcement trailer that would succinctly build anticipation and awareness, and set the tone of the game itself. 

What We Did

  • Rigged and animated the 3D model of the Brute – their signature monster. 
  • Arranged, designed and lit the scene using the 3D assets they provided.
  • Created the 3D camera work; movement, rack focusing, gave it a stabilized handheld feel to add realism, and changed exposure
  • Visual Effects to enhance the atmosphere, embers from the Brute, and floating fire particles for the endslate/Call-to-Action
  • Designed the end slate to make it easy to quickly parse the information despite having several points of information on screen at once.
  • Curated sound effects and atmospheric music to solidify the setting and enhance the anticipation of the Brute’s approach.