Mowin’ & Throwin’ – Gameplay trailer

After meeting the House Pixel Games at PAX South and seeing the game in action, we were super excited when Marc Mixon asked us to join their team to create a Gameplay Trailer. Mowin’ & Throwin’ is a 4-player local co-op game, so it was very important that we get that local multiplayer vibe from the trailer. We needed to show people actually playing the game intercut with gameplay footage. 

What We Did

  • Worked with House Pixel Games’ team to create an in-game camera that we could use while capturing footage to get a good mix of cinematic and gameplay footage.
  • Coordinated an event where players could compete as teams against each other. We even put a prize on the line to bring out their competitive sides. 
  • Before the event, we staged and lit the play area so that players would be well lit (without being distracted), and still give a warm, playing-at-home vibe.
  • While filming the players themselves, we also recorded their matches so that the footage would be true to the player experience. 
  • Scripted and captured the footage for the intro sequence that sets up the game’s theme.
  • Created custom graphic plate using in-game footage (“It’s Mow Time!” and the Call-To-Action endslate).
  • The score needed to be unique, so we worked with award-winning composer Guido Arcella to create a playful yet mischievous track for the edit.