One More Night – Gameplay Trailer

Big Red Planet contacted us to make a hard-hitting action trailer for their multiplayer, zombie gauntlet, horror game ‘One More Night’. The goal of the game is to survive as many nights as possible with each night growing more and more fraught with ghouls and beasties. The trailer needed to sell that through an intense music track, fast edits, and gameplay footage featuring hordes of the undead overwhelming the players. 

What We Did

  • Assembled a team of players to coordinate shots and ensure they worked together to show the potential of a solid multiplayer team.
  • Played the game relentlessly until we learned it inside and out so we could best coach the other players in our footage on the best tactics.
  • Created upper-third graphic call outs…and set them on fire!
  • Created accentuating full-screen graphic animations to give the trailer a more cinematic feel.