Red Stone 2 – Mobile Trailer

Ludic Games wanted a cool, fast-paced trailer that they could use to market their new ARPG mobile game to American audiences. The trailer needed to be exciting, have an epic feel and show how much there was to do within the game. After this project was complete, we went on to work with Ludic Games again for their Zombie War Z trailer.

What We Did

  • We were provided the intro animation but wanted to use the crystals flying away as a transition into the next scene. To do that, we need to extend the animation. So, we took the crystal artwork and made them fly along a path that matched the trajectory of the intro animation. Then we combined that with a camera pull out to blend the two shots together.
  • Created particle effects to enhance background animations.
  • Animated original game artwork provided by Ludic Games to show off the plethora of in-game characters.
  • Worked with Voice Over talent Brad Hyland who did a phenomenal job delivering the epic tone we set out to create.
  • Captured game footage on iPhone.