Startup Company – launch trailer

Hovgaard Games had been hard at work as they approached their official game launch. They already had a trailer, but wanted to create an updated one to reflect all the new features and polish they had put into the game since. 

What We Did

  • Worked with Jonas at Hovgaard Games to create a script that would lay out the key game features while telling a story that allowed the viewer to imagine themselves as the player. 
  • Captured all footage at 4K resolution so we could do some digital push-ins and pull-outs without compromising the final video’s quality. 
  • There were several points throughout the trailer where we really wanted to emphasize what the VO was referring to, so we did several graphic and camera animations to accomplish that.
  • Worked with Mike O’Brian to get that Silicon Valley / tech startup style voice over (and he knocked it out of the park).