The Brain Train – Announcement Trailer

Caleb at ThinkofMagic Studios had this awesome idea to use tablets – devices that are usually thought of as time-wasters for children – to instead help give them an education. He wanted to combine storytelling with puzzles and mini-games to excite their imagination and keep them entertained while doing it. To bring his educational game to life, he would need a Kickstarter Campaign and shortly after, the announcement trailer. This is the resulting announcement trailer for The Brain Train.


What We Did

  • Used pre-existing footage of the prototype and voice narration.
  • Created text callouts using their graphic style
  • Added zoom and camera effects to focus the viewer’s attention on the action in the scene.
  • Used graphic overlays to show where the player would tap on the screen to make certain actions happen.
  • With a light-hearted music track, we made fast edits to match along, keeping the pace exciting.