The mystery of kalkomey isle – Testimonials

Kalkomey Enterprises specializes in creating training courses for various recreational activities. However, they decided to take their approach to a new level by turning training courses into a story based game. This idea was new to the industry, so they needed to pitch and sell the state governments on the idea of gamified training through a trailer and testimonial video Рand it worked! Their first training game is The Mystery of Kalkomey Isle.

What We Did

  • The most important thing to start with was to take all of the testimonials that were recorded, and craft a story that would resonate with investors and other potential users.
  • After that, we developed the graphic animation style that felt like a map being opened up to help sell the nautical theming.
  • Then we created a graphic slate using the nautical map to use on all the non-testimonial text callouts.
  • To make it easier to read written testimonials ,we masked out certain parts of gameplay footage to add a more subdued background.