The mystery of kalkomey isle – mobile launch trailer

Kalkomey Enterprises specializes in creating training courses for various recreational activities. However, they decided to take their approach to a new level by turning training courses into a story based game. This idea was new to the industry, so they needed to pitch and sell the state governments on the idea of gamified training through a trailer and testimonial video Рand it worked! Their first training game is The Mystery of Kalkomey Isle.


What We Did

  • First we had to learn the game inside and out. To do that, we had to learn enough about boat safety that we could ace the test.
  • Then we captured 4K footage of us playing through the game so we could zoom in on parts of the footage without losing quality.
  • We used their game’s artwork to create title plates using 3D text.
  • Highlighted story-based text using graphic animations to emphasize their use of story.
  • Added VFX to enhance weather-based elements that were in-game, but needed to affect our 3D text accurately, so we recreated it.
  • Went onto edit a testimonial video for the same project.